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News: 2017
Adobe announced (Jan 2017) that they will no longer be selling Director and support of Shockwave will be limited (The Future of Adobe Contribute, Director and Shockwave). For many years, Director's development has been limited, the number of developers declined and companies selling Xtras ceased updating and selling their products. This page has links to resources that have supported those in the Director and related community. As a result of the decline of the community, much of the links below are historical and dated. This page and site is maintained for my personal homage to my favourite product. If any links are boken or incorrect, please let me Dean Utian know.

Dean's Tutorials and Information
Director Resources  
Articles Other Multimedia Resources

Dean's Links and Info

Director Tutorials: the best getting started tutorials you'll ever find
Dean's Director FAQ
Multimedia Services
Director Next Roadmap Survey (2008)
Director Games Survey (2006)
Director vs Flash Survey (2005)

Lingo and Programming Technotes

Lingo and Programming Terminology - Definitions and Examples
Learning to Program with Lingo - Conditions, conditional statements & loops
Variable Types - Local, Globals and Properties
The Power of Lists - List Lingo
Getting a handle on Lingo - writing generic scripts and custom handlers
Using me and other parameters in Lingo - including writing behaviors
Understanding Behaviors - Creating a Parameter Dialog Box
Inter-behavior Communication - sendSprite, sendAllSprires & call Lingo
Using Primary Event Handlers - Writing Lingo for a Screensaver
Lingo Alternatives to the Tempo Channel
Using Movies In A Window (MIAWs)
Working with File IO - Exporting text from Director

Shockwave 3D

The makeup of 3D cast members: Including relationships between 3D objects.
Shockwave 3D Director Tutorials: Getting started with shockwave 3D, cameras, lighting, collision.
Creating a Backdrop (background image) for a Shockwave 3D sprite
Wait for the end of a Shockwave 3D Animation

Adobe - Director Links

Director Software Page: Features, System Requirements, FAQ, Reviews and News, and more.
Director Help
: Contains links to help, tutorials and resources.
Adobe Director 11.5 Getting Started - online help documentation
Adobe Director 11.5 Scripting Dictionary - online help documentation

Adobe - 3D Tutorials and Technotes

Technotes (Adobe written)
Basics of Director 3D
Intermediate Director 3D
Creating animated textures for 3D models using Lingo

General Director Resources

MediaMacros: Lots of Director information and resources - well worth a visit.
Director Online: In archive mode. Still has lots of articles on a wide range of Director topics.
Farbflash: Alex da Franca's Lingo samples, tools and resources.
Nightwares: Warren Ockrassa's 28 page Director tutorial, FAQ, sample code.
Zeus Productions
: Has not been updated for a number of years but still contains a good set of technotes and other useful info.

Video Tutorials / Learning

Shockwave Publishing - Dean Utian (2012 - D10) - video for course Multimedia in Design Presentation but includes information about image formats, compression, masks and general Shockwave publishing.

-: Ken Loge's Director support site (see below for YouTube videos). Includes video tutorials, Learning Lingo for Adobe Director eBook, Shockwave examples, behaviors, with source files available.

Ken Loge's video tutorials (Feb 2012 - D11.5)
Includes - Making an Animated Pattern, Using The Message Window, Adding a Texture to a Plane Using Blender, Basic Interactive Slideshow - Part 1, Part 2
Source files and additional information available at Ken Loge's DreamSteep.

Brian Kelly's video tutorials (Jan 2012 - D11.5)|
Includes - Why use Adobe Director, Director interface, Setting up a Director movie, Adjusting the stage, Using the text inspector, Applying markers

Adobe Director Music Project by by Pav Production (2009 - D11.5)
Tutorial Beat Maker in Director (1) - Importing Images, 2 - Aligning Images, 3 - Rollover Button (Lingo), 4 - Using Sound (Lingo), 5 - Stopping a sound in a Channel, 6 - Animation in Director

VTC Director 11 Course by James Gonzalez
Short QuickTime videos on various parts of Director. First few sections are free - include getting started, Director workspace, cast members.

The full set of VTC video tutorials in the above set have been uploaded to YouTube - available in the Adobe Director Playlist by by badr eldeen.

VTC Lingo Course (MX 2004)
Has some free sections - includes Lingo basics, understanding scripts, navigating with Lingo.

Multimedia Training Videos (MX2004 - D10):
Online training videos for learning the basics of Director. Also includes Flash and Photoshop videos.
Director modules include: Introduction to Director ; Introduction to Animation in Director ; Animation with Lingo ; New Introduction to Lingo ; Buttons in Director ; Sound in Director ; Movies in a window ; Videos in Director ; Sliders ; More on Sliders ; Quizzes in Director ; New Quizzes in Director ; Sound Using Audacity ; Sound Using Audacity

The Introduction to Lingo tutorials apear to be duplicated in YouTube in the Lingo in Director Playlist by badr eldeen.

Casey Faris YouTube
Adobe Director Scripting - MouseUp (2008 - D11)
Adobe Director - Intersect Sprite (2010 - D10/11/11.5)

3D Sites

Thought - Shockwaved ideas - 3d in Director: 3D demos and article on How to cook 3D in Director, which includes source code.
inTOXiCated: Contains 2 cool shockwave 3D demos as well as other shocked stuff
Nonoche's Shocked Vault: Includes games and some source files
Dave Cole: 3D engine using quads.
CanDo Interactive: Includes 3D Art Gallery Creator, 3D Modeling and Game Design toolkit, and Shockwave 3D demos.
Director/Shockwave 3D Tutorials: Tutorials and tips on how to best utilise the 3D capabilities of Director from Richard England (2003)

Lingo Oriented Sites

AxiomX - Lingo Algorithms: Includes Posterize to reduces the number of color levels in an image.
Director Diaries: 3D, Scripts and libraries!
Lingo Workshop: A good collection of Lingo based demos (many with source code), articles, tutorials, and Director utilities.
LOOPE Lingo Object Oriented Programming Environment: This is an online E-Book, intended for Lingo programmers who wish to learn how to write object oriented code in Lingo. Written by Irv Kalb, it has comprehensive descriptions of this area of programming.
openLingo Yahoo Group: A community set up by Robert Tweed and others to create a standardised reusable library of Lingo tools.
Openspark - Nonlinear: Notes for Developers: Material created by James Newton. Contains articles, sample movies with well commented code.
Teton Multimedia Learning Centre: Designed to teach Lingo and codin together with Math, physics, numerical methods, programming techniques, and other fun stuff. Demos with source code provided.
TinyTween: Tweening scripts made for a passive (behavior) mode as well as an active (parent script) mode.
Tween Engine: Based on Greensock Tweening Platform and adapted to Lingo, with this engine you can easily and quickly animate different properties of such objects as sprites, models, cameras, etc.
Presenting Director: Tips and tutorials covering Lingo, behaviors, projectors, QT/QTVR from Don Sinclair 2003.

Windows For Shockwave: A set of Library Palette behaviors for Director 8.5+ that enables drag and drop creation of onstage windows, modal dialog boxes, and cascading menus. Allows multiple sprites to be treated as a unit, and supports creation and destruction of dynamic sprites, dynamic windows, dynamic menus, and dynamic families thereof.
Macromedia Director Behavior Demonstrations by James Newton: Behaviors for various media written by the man who created many of the original ones shipped with Director. This is James' original test site which is no longer maintained. Newer area is the Nonlinear site.

Demo Sites

Noisecrime: Various Director experiments and demos (no source), includes a tutorial on Additive Blending.
Den Ivanov Labs: Eye Candy Shockwave 3D files with Director source..

Demos without code
Entermation Games: Game company with Shockwave 3D games/demos.
Forgefx: Multimedia company with some cool shockwave 3D demos

Shockwave Games Sites Shockwave 3D games, as well as a Who's Using Shockwave3D list. Animations and games (though not primarily Shockwave). Sport and car driving games, action, arcade, puzzle and skill, and shooting games.
3DD Games . Com: Shockwave 3D online games
Robotduck: One of the biggest Shockwave games sites.
Ezone Games: Lots of fun shockwave games.
Clevermedia's GameScene: Shockwave arcade and other games.
Outside the Box Software: Games Development company with games to play, download and buy.
Skunk Studios: Games Development company that have online and downloadable games
gigaplay: Simple, fun shockwave games.
Monsterland Web Games: Snowball war and zombie fighting game.
Necromanthus: A cool selection of shockwave 3D games.
Miniclip: Large range of games -3D to arcade.
Rabidlab: Developer of online and downloadable games, including Dodge That Anvil.
Silent Bay Studios: Game company with many Shockwave 3D games. Shockwave 3D games, demos and research.
SW Shockwave action, adventure, arcade, card, puzzles sports, and other games
Mini Various categories of Shockwave games
The Jab - Cool Shockwave games, 3D, stragegy

Specific cool games
Maid Marian: Shockwave 3D experiments including a 3D chat room (MMORPG - Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game).
Chamber of Chat: MMORPG and game portal.
Phosphor: Multiplayer First Person Shooter 3D game.
GorillaZ: Shockwave 3D Driving game.
Underdog: Shockwave 3D.
Lego Galidor Quest:
Crank: 3D car game. I like the transitions at the start.
Food Force: Very educational game for younger kids (need to download to play).
Terraformers: Great example of an extensive AUDITORY interface, which makes this 3D game accessible for the blind (need to download to play).
POG: A great looking game (big download but worth it!) with a nice, flashy interface.

Cool sites that have Director content

See Dean's Shockwave Hall of Fame page.

Cool Shockwave content (3D and 2D)
Jim Collins - Shockwave Widgets: Very cool effects and applications
3DRT - Realtime 3D Demos: Extremely cool flyarounds in a dark forest and futuristic city. Also has cool 3D effects
3DRT -3D Characters and models: Very cool
ertdfgcvb: Mesmerising 3D eye candy
fieldOfView SPi-V Gallery: Shockwave 3D Cubic VRs
flying puppet: Very creative shockwave interactive animated stories
10 ways: Two very cool interactive image experiences
: Fun shockwave, must see flying giraffe
submarine: 3D exploration with a submarine
The Time Machine 3D Model: Explore the Time Machine in 3D
Ullala Experiments: Fun 3D demos. Check out Twister
Housing Virtual Tour: 3D virtual tour of a interior housing. Allows change of floor tiles, wall painting, open doors.
Science Alberta Foundation - Wonderville 3D: Shockwave 3D world. Read more about the development of this project here.


The following are Adobe hosted Director related forums.
Director - General forum for all Director discussions.
Director Basics - for novice users of Director. This forum covers discussions of installation, troubleshooting, and general usage.
Director Lingo - for intermediate and advanced users of Director to discuss issues and questions regarding Lingo scripting functionality and usage.
Director 3D - focuses on Shockwave 3D
Director Multiuser Sever - focuses on multiuser usage in Director (very inactive)
Shockwave Player - Shockwave related

Google Groups allows searches of any form.

Other Forums
Mediamacros Forum: 3D, Lingo and Xtras
Shockwave 3D: Forum for 3D related issues

Non-English Forums
LingoPark: German Director forum and official web site of the MMUG-D (Macromedia user Group - Germany).
Prodirector: Main forum of Russian Director community.

Mailing Lists and Groups

The main Director list is Direct-L . There are other lists and groups but all are relatively inactive.
Direct-L - General Director list for all
The previous Dir3d-L and DirGames-L has moved to a Google group - the Director Game Developer List
Dir3d-L - 3D focused list - more advanced than Direct-L (old dir3d-L archives)
DirGames-L - covers the subject of games development (old DirGames-L archives)

Yahoo Groups (Ordered according to member size - biggest to smallest)
Macromedia / Adobe Director Group: Yahoo's largest group dedicated to Director developers.
OpenLingo: Open-source community project, the goal of which is to develop the largest single repository of completely free, commercial quality, reusable software components for Director.
studentDirector8: listing primarily for multi-media students using Director 8 and Shockwave, and all interested learners of Director 8 and animation project documentation.
lingoparadise: Discuss any Lingo question that would be interesting to advanced Macromedia Director developers and share your Lingo scripts.
DirectorUsers: Where anyone can ask any Director-related questions, and, share resources that will benefit the list.
Director_Art : This is a list where people post URLs to new Director work they've done, post URLs to exciting shockwave work they've discovered on the Web.
director8shockwave: This list is for both web and graphic designers to share ideas, inspiration, professional knowledge, and methods for improving our work. This is ideal for artists, web developers, web designers, IT professionals, web site owners.
directorUIWidgets: A list/group of folks interested in creating free UI widgets in Director.

Non-English Lists
Director-List: German Mailing list, managed by Thomas Biedorf.
Director Hors Piste: Mailing list aimed is to promote cooperation between French-speaking users.


Director Specific
Shockwaves - Adobe Director
: Blog of Allen Partridge, Adobe Director Evangelist.
Director @ Night: Raman Pfaff's 'after hours' blog focusing on random tips and tricks for Director and Lingo, and the occasional thought about multimedia and Macs.
FFX Labs: Shockwave interactive tests, tricks and workarounds by Adam Kane.

Director Developers
Developers Dispatch: Gary Rosenzweig's news and notes for developers using Director, Flash, PHP and DHTML.
Den Ivanov Blog: Personal blog covering Flash, Flex, Apollo and Shockwave. See Den's cool shockwave demos. Aldo Hoeben's blog

General Blogs by Director Users and Friends of Director - non Director related
: Mark Whybird - "This blog: Random things I find, and amazing sights I see.
My interests span medical fascinations, computer coding (with some bias for Macs), education, and the strange and weird things people do. There could be any of that and more in here." Darrel Plant's politics and multimedia blog.
Don Relyea's blog: Art Related Blog - "I like to write about interesting art projects." Visit Don's art projects page, many of which were created in Director.
Information Gift: lewis francis blog that "deals with newmedia development issues I find interesting or newsworthy, with an emphasis on multimedia/webby platforms, usability, stats, browser compatibility gotchas, tools and the like". Lynn Fredricks' personal blog that covers Director related business stuff.

Director Books

I have co-written a book on Director so have to list it first. It was structured to be a book for absolute beginners so is not suited to everyone. It is a good idea to look around at various books on the market and see which suits your needs the best.
Foundation Director 8.5 a book by me and a few and others - though out of date version
Adobe List of Director publications

Mediamacros' Director Book Lists - has some book reviews as well

Director MX 2004 Books
Macromedia Director MX 2004 for Windows and Macintosh: Visual QuickStart Guide by Mark Schaeffer and Andre Persidsky
Macromedia Director MX 2004: Training from the Source by Dave Mennenoh
Macromedia Director MX 2004 Bible by Brian Underdahl, John R. Nyquist, and Robert Martin
Director MX 2004 Games, First Edition : Game Development with Director by Nik Lever
Macromedia Director MX 2004 Design Professional by Steve Johnson
Exploring Director MX 2004 by James L. Mohler and John Finnegan
Essentials for Design Macromedia(R) Director(R) MX 2004 Comprehensive by Tara Gray
Creating Casual Games for Profit & Fun (2007) by Allen Partridge - Covers the casual games profession and looks at Director and Flash in this context. I already have a copy and it looks good.

Director 3D Books
3D for the Web, First Edition: Interactive 3D animation using 3DS Max, Flash and Director (2004) by Carol MacGillivray, Anthony Head
Building Interactive Worlds in 3D, First Edition : Virtual Sets and Pre-visualization for Games, Film & the Web (2005) by Jean-Marc Gauthier
Shockwave 3D (2002) by Jason Wolf
Real-Time Interactive 3D Games: Creating 3D Games in Macromedia Director 8.5 Shockwave Studio (2001) by Allen Partridge - This is a bit old but has valuable information on 3D game design as well as 3D in Director. It does assume you know the basics of Director and 3D.
Director's Third Dimension: Fundamentals of 3D Programming in Director 8.5 by Paul Catanese (2001) - I haven't read it but it has great reviews and have heard from people who have used it that it provided a very strong introduction to 3D. Again, is slightly old but probably still valuable.

Other good books that I like
Advanced Lingo for Games (2000) by Gary Rosenzweig - very good, with lots of useful examples and source files. Also oldish but Lingo is still good and has lots of code and demos. The book covers 2D games, including puzzle games, arcade games, card games. Adventure games, strategy games, multiplayer games.

CD / DVD training

New in Macromedia Director MX 2004 CD-ROM by Vince Parker (full access available through subscription at
VTC Adobe Director 11 Tutorials CD
- 9.5 hrs / 107 video lessons, including work files, aimed for beginners.
VTC Director MX2004 Tutorials CD - 8.5 hrs / 125 lessons of Director training.
VTC Director MX 2004 Lingo Lingo Tutorials CD - 8 hrs / 112 video tutorials covering Lingo.
Software Video Adobe Director 11 Training
Software Video Adobe Director MX 2004 Trainings well.

Applications made with Director

The Logo Creator - Logo design and generator software.
cuePics - Slideshow software that allows creation of a a still-image movie with pictures, transitions and synchronised sounds.
Recreating Movement - computer program for analysing film sequences and has been developed within a diploma thesis.
Beautiful Dorena (2005) - Experimental Paint Program

Mobile Apps made with Director

Rally Point 3 -
SkyRider - more info at
Trackslate 1.3.2

General Director

Lingoworkshop - An Unofficial Brief History of Director (May 2006)
The Best Kept Secret in Town - Application development with Macromedia Director: By: Jason MacDonald; Paul-Catalin Oros, July 2004, Web Developer's & Designer's Journal (formerly MX Developer's Journal)
Director and SCORM 1.3 SCORM - Sharable Content Object Reference Model: By: Kraig Mentor, July 2004, Web Developer's & Designer's Journal (formerly MX Developer's Journal)

Programming / Syntax

Introduction to Programming: General background to programming (PDF article)
Object oriented thinking (August 1996)
Using the dot syntax (From Director 7 days - but still useful look into dot syntax)
Director 8 improvements, Imaging Lingo and the dot syntax (March 2000)


How Shockwave 3D Technology Works
The Universal 3D Format (U3D): Information on U3D
Is it finally time for 3D online?: c|new (May 2005): Article about 3D web technologies, written by a co-creator of VRML.
How to cook in 3D in Director: Very good article about 3D techniques in Director
Interactive 3D with Shockwave: Article by Greg Meyers on Web Techniques (Feb 2002)
Advanced Director Bones in Director 8.5: Describes undocumented Lingo (2001)
Director 8.5 review: Check out book link at bottom right corner of page :)


Presenting Director - QTVR: Working with QTVR from Don Sinclair 2003.
DOUG - Shockwave VR with a grip: Adding QuickTime VR capabilities to Director without QuickTime.
Creating a CubicVR Experience: Dean's 3D Navigation and Collision Detection tutorial

Shockwave demos by
M. C. Escher: Metamorphose III Panorama -Shockwave demo (James C. Collins)

Sites for Skybox resources:
Environmental Boxes
Hazel.H Textures (Creative Commons Licensed)

General Multimedia

Misc articles
A Design Workflow Tutorial for Developers: Deliver Better UI/UX On Time

3D Resources

3D Total - Great 3D resource with free models, textures, tutorials. Also has 3D galleries, book reviews, interviews, 3D links. Products sold by site includes texture CDs, shorts DVDs, training DVD, and books.
3D Discussion forum, 3D information, tutorials, gallery and more.
3D Buzz: A vast community site offering free training videos for Maya, 3D Max, Softimage, Lightwave, Houdini and game level design. Also has very active and helpful forums, news items and artists galleries.
Audodesk 3DS Max product page and Audodesk Maya product page
3DS Max Learning Resource: Forums
Autodesk Discussion Groups - 3DS Max
3D Max Freeware Plugins Extensive collection of tutorials.
Maya Resources: Links to Maya tutorials and info sites.
Maya Tutorials, Tips and Tricks
Alusion Skybox resource: Includes free skybox maps
3D Insider: News, tutorials, and reviews about 3D printing

3D Models
3D Gurukul: Free 3D models in Max, Maya, Poser, C4D, gallery and tutorials.
CGTrader: 3D and 3D print model market place with about 120,000 models with about 20,000 FREE 3D models.
CYGAD’s 3DXtra: Free 3D models and texture downloads, resources.
Geo-metricks Real-Time 3D Models: Includes Shockwave Ready 3D Model Collections
Turbo Squid: Library of 3D models, meshes, texture maps, shaders, materials, and vector graphics designed for purchase to use in 3dsmax, Poser, Lightwave, Shockwave 3D, Softimage and Maya.

Max Tutorials
Realistic Texturing


Adobe Photoshop Official Help
Tutorialized Photoshop Tutorials
Photoshop Essentials
Planet Photoshop Tutorials - lots of tutorials and more links
Phong Tutorials - effects tutorials
PSD Learning
PSD Stack 100 Best Photoshop Tutorials: Covering a range of topics such as photo manipulation, retouching, photo effects, photography, text effects, digital painting, basics and the latest Photoshop cc new features.


Adobe Flash Developer Center - Flash Tutorials
Adobe TV - Learn Flash Professional CS4 - Video tutorials
Free Adobe Flash Tutorials - Beginner Flash tutorials
DMOZ - Flash FAQs, Help, and Tutorials
DMOZ - Flash Resources


Codec Central - List of Codecs: Info on various codecs for audio and video.

Sound Resources Free audio samples for multimedia productions. Large collection of free kick drum samples.
Chris Worth Productions: Royalty free music covering wide selection of styles, from Techno to Jazz to Romantic, as well as real orchestral classical music, performed by the Moscow International Symphony Orchestra.
Echo Vibes: Royalty free sound resources
Foto Search Stock Music: Allows users to search for thousands of royalty-free stock music tracks. as well as royalty-free images, clipart pictures, illustrations, stock video clips, maps, and more. Royalty free production music library for computer games, corporate videos, advertising, websites and more. Iinstant download, without login or registration.
Galerie Chapuza: Royalty free music for film and multimedia.
: Royalty free music loops and looping sound effects for multimedia projects or web page.
Massivetracks: Royalty free music web site
ModernBeats Fruity Loops: ModernBeats offers fruity loops and samples for fruity
Music Tracks Library: Royalty free background music tracks and loops for web site, film, video, television, and podcast.
NEO Sounds: Royalty free music downloads, production music library, royalty free sound effects. Listen online, purchase and download music and sound effects instantly. Free loops and sounds.
Premiumbeat: Royalty Free Music Library for new media projects. Allows preview and download instantly online. High quality professional music tracks and loops created exclusively for the site by a team of musicians and composers.
Pro Music Loops: Royalty free loops
selling|sound: Offers royalty free music, songs, jingles and sound loops for multimedia and internet productions, hotlines or commercials. An audio / sound production company that specializes is providing high quality audio for students, faculty, non profit agencies and projects. 100% free resource.
Sound Dogs: Effects library and royalty free. Large sound site which charges for sound effects but has lower quality free version.
Sound FX Hub: Professional SFX for film, radio, and music.  Over 250,00 imaging elements from over 40 different publishers.
Sound Loop Studio: Background music loops for flash and multimedia projects.
Sound Effects Library: Large sound effects libary. Preview copies with voice saying the sound site at the end of the sound.
Webtones Music: Royalty Free Music library and commissioned audio provider.

Sound search engine:
Freesound: Allows searching of sound effects

Image Resources

Creatiive Commons Search: Find images and other media with CC licencing.
Can Stock Photo: Royalty free stock photos library.


Gamasutra: Lots of game info from news and articles about game design
GDC – Game Developers Conference
GDC 2007 Coverage on Gamasutra
Games Developers Choice Awards
Game Developer's Association of Australia
Australian Game Developers Conference
Game Developers Conference London
International Game Developer's Association (IGDA)

Games Sites
Fizzy: Games portal from 3RD sense Australia.
Ponged: Cool Flash game site that has hundreds of free Flash games across multiple genres.
Doyf: Range of games

Casual Games as a Business: About casual games, tips for success, how to make money and games links. (2007)
The Art of Computer Game Design by Chris Crawford (1982)
Simplification By Ernest Adams (1999)
The Role of Architecture in Videogames By Ernest Adams (2002)
Guidelines for Developing Successful Games
Fundamentals of Game Design, Ernest Adams and Andrew Rollings (2006) – sample chapter
Creating 3D Games using Director 8.5 tutorial


SQL Tutorial: Free educational web site covering SQL concepts and clauses, featuring many SQL programming examples

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