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Developing the Roadmap - Director Next Survey

This survey is now closed. Results are being collated. Preliminary results below:
* How you use Director
* Director 11
* About You
* Features Ranking All - All feature groups ranking graphs
* Features Ranking User Type - Top level feature ranking by group/user type
* Features Ranking Combined - Feature ranking by all not limited to categories
* User Comments

About the Survey
The survey attempts to take a snapshot of the Director userbase and look ahead to what would make for a stronger Director product.

The survey goes beyond a feature wish list. It investigates how features translate into real projects.

Estimated time required for survey: 25 - 45 minutes

This is the most detailed Director survey in history. The amount of time required will depend on how many feature categories you choose to focus on and how many examples you provide. I STRONGLY encourage you download the PDF version of the survey to review the questions and features covered. Once you have put your thoughts together, you can then enter your answers online. The PDF also contains web links in the Language Improvements question (section 3, question 24), which could also be explored before answering the question.

Breakdown of survey

Section 1: How do you use Director? - 8 questions
Section 2: Director 11 - 3 questions
Section 3: What are your most important features / enhancements / fixes needed for D12? - 28 questions
Section 4: About you - 12 questions

Section 3 is the core of the survey. You will be asked to the following
(1) rank broad feature categories in the order of importance to you (3D, text, sound…)
(2) look at a subset of these broad categories and rank them
(3) give detailed examples of how the features would be used in real products.

In the ranking section, you would rate a feature at 1 to represent the most important. The highest number rating listing in the question represents the least important. You are not required to rank every feature.

For the real world examples, describe a project where the feature will play an important part. If you're commenting on a bug, give an explanation of why you can't deliver projects because of this issue. You can simply elaborate on why you have rated the features in the chosen order, giving your argument about how they can improve outcomes in developing Director products. This information helps substantiate the features and provide a stronger argument for getting them right.


There were a few members of the Director community that helped with this survey. Thanks to all who contributed in some way. Particular thanks to Thomas McCrystal for his role in formulating and reviewing questions.

PDF Version of survey for offline reading