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Shockwave Hall of Fame


Rally Point 3 by Xform Games - for iPhone and iPad

2D Cool
Constellation - very cool star board style game (downloadable game rather than shockwave)
Jim Collins - Shockwave Widgets: Very cool effects and applications
Flying Giraffes - LeCielEstBleu - One of my favourites - very cool

3D Environments and Effects
Snow Globe - Unwrong - simply beautiful
Virtual City Flyaround - 3drt - great textures and environment
magneto 2 - ertdfgcvb - clever 3D effects
BlackMirror - ertdfgcvb - more clever 3D effects
Space Needle VR - fieldOfView - great VR experience
Vekta Today - KILLZONE - cool 3D menu and stereo sound
Stade Rennais Football Club Stadium - Archivideo - impressive large 3D model by Archivideo

3D Characters
Puppy - 3drt - Puppies are always cute. Here you get to choose the texture and motion
AtWorldsEnd Pirates - Mediamacros - Downloadable application for Disney which transforms you into a pirate that you can customise and get to speak the lines of At Worlds End.

Art Installations
Generative Video by Don Relyea - Video Installation in Downtown Dallas. Not Shockwave but still very cool and worth a mention. Watch the video. It is amazing.
I Said If - Interactive software- and online-application, generative sound. Very creative and inspiring. Shockwave version is here.

3D Motion Control
This is Motion Control - Motion Control Game through your Webcam
It's such a cool game, it deserves its own category.

Chat / Multiuser
MMORPG in Sherwood - Maid Marian Entertainment - Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game
Phosphor - Rasterwerks - Multiplayer First Person Shooter 3D game

Battle of the Bull - 2004 USA election debating game. Clever, witty dialog, great animation and was created by Chuck Neal and Dean Utian. So how could it not be listed here.
GoKart Go! Turbo - Very cool wacky cartoon kart racing game showcasing D11.5.
Dodge That Anvil - Rabidlab - Great graphics and a lot of fun
Letter Boxed - Gigaplay - Simple and fun
Santa's Snowball - Lots of fun
Lego Junkbot - The LEGO Group - Very simple but great quality and lots of fun for all ages
la Pate a son - LeCielEstBleu - Very cool game / application - good sound too
Gutterball 2 - Skunk Studios - Bowling in a very nice surrounding
Monster Bash: Shockwave 3D game - You're a monster aiming to club a skill as far as possible. Great graphics and great fun to play. Warning, it's highly addictive.
Pong - LiquidMedia - Cool 3D style pong game
Robo Pinball - Taparo - Good fun
Championship Rally - Miniclip Games - Fun car driving game
Sky Golf - Miniclip Games - Mini golf in nice surrounds
Tennis Titans - Skunk Studios - Fully animated toony characters playing tennis.
Pow Pow's Mini-Golf - More tradional mini golf but very nice quality 3D environment
Crunch Time - Monsterland Web Games - Fighting office zombies

Games - 3D Role Playing
Quake 3 Forever - Necromanthus - First Person Shooter Shockwave 3D version of Quake
Warcraft Reloaded - Necromanthus - Real-Time Strategy Shockwave 3D version of Warcraft

Jig Sound - Jim Andrews - Great sound fun
White Rituals - Nicolas Clauss - Digital art piece

Global Ground Support, Deicing Training Simulator - ForgeFX

If you have a cool Shockwave link to share, please email me (Dean).