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Director Xtras and Tools

Director Mile-High Table O' Products: Contains detailed list of Xtras and utilities for Director.
Director 11+ Xtras: Current list of Xtras that have been updated to support Adobe Director 11+.
Xtras installed with Adobe Shockwave Player

3DPI: The 3D Property Inspector can view and edit properties of Shockwave 3D members and sprites. Also allows saving of Shockwave 3D scenes and access to AGEIA PhysX engine properties and functions when using Director 11.
Alex 3D Tools: Save and restore a 3D scene, convert a model to a Lingo mesh.
Antoine Schmitt schmittMachine: Includes asFFT Director Xtra to compute realtime FFT (Fast Fourier Transform) on sound input, asPitchDetect Director Xtra to compute realtime pitch on sound input, asMultiChannelAudio Director Xtra to pilot more than 2 speakers, fluidXtra Director Xtra for a multitrack soundfont sound synthesizer and mouseWheel Director Xtra to read the mouse wheel.
Billenium Transitions Xtra: 14 families of transitions with lots of variations so you get hundreds of effects.
DirectXtras: A range of Xtras from image manipulation and exporting, emailing, FTP, communication with devices connected to the system through the serial port, parallel port or USB serial adapter. Also make a number of transition packages for Director.
Dirigo Multimedia: Glenn Picher's Xtras - MasterApp Xtra, BinaryIO Xtra, ProgressCopy Xtra, DisplayRes Xtra.
Electronic Ink: Develop the Printomatic Xtra, a printing tool for Directo
Havok: A fully integrated rigid body physics simulation engine for Director. See Havok Xtra Developer Site Archive, a site of resources relating to Havok, a fully integrated rigid body physics simulation engine for Director. Includes demos, downloads, documentation, tutorials, and FAQ.
Ice Storm Media Xtras: Offer the Text Box Xtra, which allows the use of a standard system Text Box member in Director.
INM - Integration New Media: Includes Impressario Xtra for PDF integration, V12 Database Xtra, INM SecureNet Xtra to extend NetLingo, Moka Xtra to include Java and GoldenGate for managing and connecting to databases via rich-media clients through a TCP/IP network.
Kent's Xtras: Free Xtras for manipulating files and folders, screen capture, manipulating multi-track QuickTime audio files, and to provide a list of running tasks.|
Laurent Cozic's Xtras and Demos: Includes Xtras to freely download and shockwave and Lingo demos, most with source code. They include ability to monitor the 3D member properties, allow binary file input and output from Lingo, joystick control, ability to set the mouse location and ability to check if a point is inside a polygon.
Magic Modules: Home of Buddy API Xtra that contains over 100 functions for dealing with the Windows API and Macintosh Toolbox.Other Xtras include Buddy File, Buddy Web, Buddy Menu and Buddy saver.
Media Connect: Multimedia company that develop a range of Xtras including the ability to remove the black border line from projectors and the ability to display html pages on the stage.
Meliora Software: Xtras to provide control of MIDI devices, database management, drag and drop management capabilities, projector window management, dialog windows, twain retrieval, desktop control, keyboard control, registry access, and MagicRes and MagicVolumer Xtra available for free.
Minds Eye Interactive Limited: Xtras to able to call APIs in many Microsoft Win32 DLLs and third party Win32 compatible DLLs, give additional functionality for manipulating text strings. Alos have BézierCurve Xtra to create 2D & 3D Bézier curves for drawing, animation and effects.
Okino PolyTrans-for-Director: Allows Director to import (from within the Director user interface) 3D scene data of most other 3D software packages and file formats.
OpenSpark: Includes the OS Control Xtra for creating actual OS buttons & gadgets. Open-source Xtras for Macromedia Director, including the freeware Xtra PRegEx, which brings regular expressions and list utilities to Lingo.
Paradigma Software: Developer of Valentina for Director (V4MD), a royalty free, shockwave-safe, cross-platform, ultra-fast relational database Xtra. V4MD can operate locally as well as true client-server connectivity to Valentina Office Server. Supports REGEX search, SQL query, BLOBs, XML import/export.
RavWare: Many Xtras including the Image Export, PP Viewer, Joystick, MUI Maker, and WinShaper Xtra, which customises the shape of a projector window.
Reallingo - Provide Director behaviors and Xtras covering database connectivity, FTP, JPG export, MUI windows, email, transitions, menus and scrollers.
ReAnimator3D: Tool for Director to create keyframe animations as well as offer interactive control over bones in Shockwave 3D models, as well as allows motions to be exported into Lingo for use in own projects.
Scirius Development: Free and commercial cross platform Xtras for Director to control the mouse, functions to get information related to the date and time, return the state of the Caps Lock key, allow Lingo to export animations to QuickTime movies, and to record audio from any Quicktime compatible sound input device.
: Shockwave 3D based panorama viewer, that can be used in Director movies or as a standalone application with the SPi-V Viewer.
Studio dmm: Includes dmmXLS Xtra to allow Microsoft Excel files to be displayed in Director, without the need for Excel to be installed on the computer. Also provide Xtras to enable work with Microsoft Access database files, socket client for connection to XML Socket Server, enable work with XML documents, volume control, adjusting shapes of windows.
Tabuleiro: Includes Mpeg Advanced Xtra, Web Xtra, Nebulae Multiuser Server and others.
Unifeye Viewer Xtra: Toolkit for creating augmented reality web-applications.
Valentin Xtras: Donationware Xtras
WebCamXtra: Incorporates realtime video input with Director movies.
reverse engineering tools from doing step-by-step tracing and monitoring of applications.
XtraMania: COM Automation/ActiveX xtras for Director. Full control over MS Office, IE, MediaPlayer, Photoshop. Databasing with ADO, ADOMD, DAO, JRO etc. System control with WMI, Shell, Windows Scripting Host, supports MSXML, CDO. Many modern Microsoft technologies right on Director's Stage.