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Director Game Development Survey - Results

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Feature Comments

The following gives user comments on various features raised across the three questions - productivity features, revenue features and top 5 features.

3D Engine Update Imaging Lingo Update
3D General Updates & Bug Fix New Media Support (incl. FLV)
3D Ease of Use Features (incl. 3DPI) Multi-User Server Return & Update
3D Authoring / Saving Native UI Controls
3D Texture / Shader (incl. Flash & video) Flash Integration Improvement / Faster Update
3D Better Lighting / Shadows / Stencil Buffer Flash Dependence
Havok / Physics Engine Vector Graphic Support / Enhancement
Specialised 3D Debugging
Shockwave Install & Marketing Sprite / Score Update
Movieclip / LDM update Speed Improvements
Language / OOP update / Actionscript 3 Support (or equivalent) OS Access / Integration (Buddy API functionality)
Script Editor / Split window / Collapsible Scripts / Autocomplete File Management / Teamwork Features ( incl. multiple movies open)
Audio Update / More Features / 3D Sound Other (Specialised)
Documentation / Help Improvement Adobe Product Integration - Photoshop/ Illustrator / Premiere
Text Member / Handling / Engine Update Adobe Support / Commitment / Marketing
HTML / CSS / Text Members with Images  

3D Engine Update
Faster engine renderer
DirectX 9 engine support / compliant
direct access to DirectX/OpenGL commands
24 bit zbuffer in direct x
Optimisations of the 3d engine so large number of models can be used
Modern 3D rendering
3D renderer improved
Enhance overall performance (lessen the per-model and per-shader per hit for example)
Improved 3d engine with support for modern cards
Speed increases in 3d
New 3d engine
Updated 3D engine (pushing more polys, pixelshaders, stencilbuffer, s etc)
3D engine upgrades
Update 5 year old 3D engine
Modernized 3D engine
A remake of the 3D engine
Less intensive 3D rendering routines.
3D engine update (at least DX8.1) feature 1
Non tokenized runtime engine
hlsl support (HLSL High Level Shader Language (Microsoft DirectX) )
More robust 3D
Game / 3D engine
Vertex/pixel shader support (HLSL/GLSL)
3D graphic engine / efficiency upgrade
new graphics engine
cleaner 3D engine with modern hardware support
3D engine with modern features - glsl
Better 3D support (faster engine, current engine support, usable collision detection, etc.)
The performances of 3D is poor and limited
Director has the perception of having inferior 3D so few take it seriously. Improving the visual quality with hardware supported filters and true multi-texturing would go a long way.
More polys, faster renderer
3D graphics engine speed and efficiency upgrade without the coder needing to do much manually.
Optimisations of the 3d engine so large number of models can be used
rewrite on the 3D engine
Modern Shader Engine
3d engine, something like the new irrlich xtra. like in vvvv. (http:/// or other media control software…- something more in opengl, direct x directshow, video features…
The 3D engine hasn't been upgraded in years, perhaps with new code, the performance can get closer to those of standard 3D games. I see performance as being a big issue. It's only been recently now that computer specs have increased that you can get anything visually impressive to play at a decent speed.
updated 3D engine (visual quality, easy z sorting, ...)
Support for DirectX9 U3D
More modern shading engine for SW3D,
a better renderer look at dx studio
more polycount support
Support for more polygons within 3D scene

3D General Updates & Bug Fix
more 'usable' 3d environment
Improved 3D support
easier 3d support
allow us to make 3d games faster would free up resources.
3D enhancement beyond ancient feature set.
far better 3D Modern 3D support
Don't know if they'll all fit here: Per-model blending controls. Better transparency sorting (or at least, sort by origin instead of boundingsphere centre!) Additive blending effect for models over background. 2x multiply blend mode for textures (to allow brightening and darkening with a single lightmap). Proper support for 'the nextshader', or support for other method to achieve effects like texture splatting without resorting to undoc'd/unsupported commands. Support hardware anisotropic filtering More control over z buffer and draw order (eg, support or provide alternatives to front_nodepth, to draw to only Z buffer, only screen, or both, and to be able to redefine draw order of models). And nice-to-have : support for more advanced shader effects such as pixel shaders. Guess they did fit :-)
3D enhancements are the only change or feature that would shift focus back to Director.
Need major update & revamp of 3D features.
better 3D tools
3D fix Modern 3D Support. Clearly.
3D enhancements - this is primarily to enable Director to SURVIVE
3d support!
better 3D tools
3D enhancements in general (!!!)
3D enhancements (shaders etc.)
Major & massive update of all 3D features
3D revamp (not just update)
much enhanced 3D capabilities (all sorts of improvements)
higher-end 3D
more powerful 3d
3d enhancements (not necessarily full shader support)
better 3d options
Director 3D xtras update
sw3d bugfixes

3D Ease of Use Features (incl. 3DPI)
I haven't done much 3d work in Director, but it seems that getting 3d models into Director isn't as easy as it should be.
i want the 3d is more friendly to programming
better (easier) 3D interface and tools that can reduce the need to code everything
I should be able to tween and blend all 3d properties without having to program it
add and move 3D objects like sprites in the score/timeline
better texture support without the need to program
3d enhancements to make development easier
complete library of 3D actions/triggers
Easier 3D Scripting
chrome lib scripts
Better abstraction of the 3d workflow
GUI framework for managing 3D applications (models, shaders, lights, cameras, etc..)
SW3D 2D ("sprite") API
better visual interface for 3d (like 3dpi)
better gui like 3dpi
library that fully supported collisions and other game basics that precluded advance knowledge of Lingo/javascript. ChromeLib married to 3DPI
Integration of 3dpi
an embedded 3d inspector (like an improved 3dpi)
Built-in interactive interface; such as 3DPI
An improved built in 3d property inspector (i.e. 3DPI).
better UI for inspecting 3D models - like Ulalla's (sp?) inspector
UI for inspecting / configuring models
3D interaction sdk

3D Authoring / Saving
3D World creator
save w3d internally
More 3D exporting capabilities
WYSIWYG authoring for 3D with Lingo/JavaScript scripting,
comprehensive & visual 3D modelling and texturing environment inside Director incl. code generator & w3d export functionality
Export a W3D file from Director
dedicated 3d world builder with all the support that w3d can support. Something simple like ShapeShifter but with the power of Plasma
better import/export of 3d assets
simple 3D model relationship editor
3D model import/export updates
More advanced Shockwave3D editor (In-built - NOT third party)

3D Texture / Shader (incl. Flash & video)
Ability to use higher res textures
More support for 3D exporting features, especially materials and animations
Additional mapping (normal maps)
new shaders
Improved W3d exporter with lightmaps
normal mapping
bump mapping
more advanced texturing options
Better texturing
Texture Layers support
Support for Multitexturing
multi texture layer from 3d app instead of baking on the fly
Better overlay support, maybe can specify regions of texture to use, or scale on just x or y, etc
And nice-to-have : support for more advanced shader effects such as pixel shaders.
Proper support for 'the nextshader', or support for other method to achieve effects like texture splatting without resorting to undoc'd/unsupported commands.
direct mapping of Flash and video as textures in 3D scenes
Flash HUD for Shockwave 3D
More integrated support for Flash textures
interactive flash textures
video textures
flash integration to 3d sprite
Well better 3d support for other reasons, ie live video
Better 3D and use of video accelerators

3D Better Lighting / Shadows / Stencil Buffer
Global Illumination
hard illumination procedure
3D - shadow mapping
better lighting
Stencil Buffer support
Shadow casting
easier-faster lighting effect options (HDR, bloom)
Basic shadow casting and improved lighting
better lighting (I need to control the max. distance)
More shader/lighting effects
realtime shadowing
shadows support (stencil buffer)
Better lighting (shadows)
lights/shadows upgrade
real-time shadows

Havok / Physics Engine
Havok 3
Havok update or comparable modern physics engine
a deterministic version of Havock Physics ( we know Havock has it ready... Adobe just need to knock on their door ;)
Updated Havock Physics xtra
Havok or other working Physics /collision system
Havok or similar physics/collisions
bring back Havok (or another physics engine) to director
physics engine and biological movement
modern physics engine
Better Physics engine
simple physics engine
not to forget havok
Havok part of Director again so that it can be updated and supported
Updated Havok xtra
Reinstate Havok
Revive Havok partnership
Havok update w/bug fixes

Specialised 3D
A "Maya" style nodes system for connecting events and behaviors, rather than using the timeline exclusively.
full character support
%age bone weighting
export of subobject animation from 3d max
3D - scenegraph control
can we get model- or dummy-based volumetric effects... fog-smoke-fire etc
U3D format
3D based on some standard, or at least able to create content with a lot of programs
GE128-style alpha check modes, and generally better control of the various 3D buffers
3D getModelsInFrustrum
Programmatic creation of bones in 3D
real time simulations
improved raycasting
3d filter enhancements
camera image to rendertarget
Render to Texture

Shockwave Install & Marketing

A better shockwave plugin installation
Streamlined Shockwave install process
Shockwave plugin install base
Shockwave install process: fewer dialogs feature
Shockwave installer fixes
Flash-like plugin install feature
Improved shockwave installer
Ease of install of Shockwave
Better (some) marketing of the plugin
Improve/Quiet Plugin Installation
Improved Shockwave installer
Better plug-in downloads
Easier Shockwave Download feature
Reduce Shockwave install footprint
More Shockwave installs!
Shockwave player install process just stinks for the corporate/school environment
Silent Shockwave installer
One unified plugin for Flash and Shockwave (not two separate ones)
Make MUI Xtra shockwave-safe!
Lose toolbar
Easier shockwave install
Shockwave Install process: no registration
Easier and more transparent plugin installation
More painless / simpler shockwave install method
Include Shockwave plugin with IE and Firefox
Silent Shockwave install!!!
Easier Shockwave Download
Increase the availability of the shockwave player on internet enabled pc!
Improve trustability of the installation: remove the google toolbar! don't include any toolbars at all. What about contracts to include the shockwave player in the Firefox installation?
Clean Shockwave install
Get rid of all toolbar (and other) offers in the Shockwave installer
A MUCH better shockwave install process, more like the Flash Player process.
better shockwave installer
No toolbars/spyware in Sw-plugin install
Higher install base of Shockwave
Better plugin install process (less intrusive, easy updates, like flash!).
increased shockwave ubiquity
Uptake of Shockwave Player - perhaps Apollo could Support it natively.
cleaner/silent web plugin installation
make the shockwave installer equivalent to the flash installer (no more toolbar, redirects and other crappy stuff)
smooth (silent) shockwave installer
Broader distribution of the Shockwave plugin
Better Shockwave plug-in penetration
Smaller player download
get rid of the stupid web re-direct and all the shockwave based questions / yahoo toolbar etc. When the yahoo / google toolbar was implemented we lost 100% of shockwave web work. now we only use director for .exe projectors.
More Shockwave players out in the world
better acceptance/marketing of Shockwave
More lightweight shockwave install process.
Compare to Flash install process.
Remove 3rd part toolbar installers from the shockwave installer.
Improved Shockwave installer
Easy to install (downloadable installer) - Too often I've been behind a firewall (or some corporate network settings) and haven't been able to use the web based installer.
expresso machine + grinder (better bundle than any toolbar)

Movieclip / LDM Update
Movieclip type functionality
movieclip like structures
Complete object model to provide robust LDMs that can be to Director what the MovieClip is to Flash
Collapsible timelines as in Flash, After Effects
Full LDM support or multiple timelines
nested sprites (or bugfree LDMs)
LDM functionality enhancement
Fully working LDMs
Multiple timelines/working LDM
Updated LDM support to include nesting
LDMs That Work
Robust LDM support akin to Flash movieClips
MovieClips-like bundles ("LDM++")
make film loops be like movieclips
Proper Linked Director Movies
full LDM support
Ability to embed scores (This is the one nice feature in Flash)
multiple timelines
To be able to use *.dcr in director in the same way you can in flash with flash files.
nested timelines
Each filmloop or 'linked director movie' should get its own 'score' window
Sprites with 'sub sprites'
layered object encapsulation

Language / OOP update / Actionscript 3 Support (or equivalent)
lingo try catch
real object support in lingo
A* Built into lingo
lingo updates
interfaces (java like) and abstract classes
Private methods in parent scripts
Cleaned up DOM to pass native objects around properly (ie a list is a list not an object wrapper for a list)
#1 support for a source code control system and a make
no more dot-syntax
Sort out programming languages
better storage of lists and proplists as members
inheritance (java like)
professional programming environment
Better JavaScript support -- documentation is out of date, not all overlay features supported, IDE is terrible...
Javascript debugging, better IDE
javascript support
better/clearer javaScript implementation
Java Scripting full support
fully Java Script support in director and documentation
object oriented language
OOP language improvement
better OOP
better OO
so, I would like Lingo to be updated to a true OO language
Improved object model
new architecture - rewrite the Lingo interpreter like it was done with ActionScript (AS3). Lingo should contain more language features (e.g. Interfaces, constants, ...) and execute faster. I don't think this can be achieved with the current code base so I think Adobe should rewrite certain parts of Director to have a solid foundation for the future.
Lingo syntax similar to Actionscript (3)
ECMA 4 Class based language
better oop support (like AS3)
as3.0 syntax for director
junk lingo and use AS3.n as language
actionscript 3 instead of javascript
instead of javascript use action script

Script Editor / Split window / Collapsible Scripts / Autocomplete
Revamp of code editors with modern conveniences
Script Window revamp
Splittable window in script editor
Split pane script windows. That or allow two script windows to show different parts of the same script without regard to cursor movement.
multiple script windows
Better scripting tools
lingo editor (editors in general)
better code editor
a descent script editor
better script editors.. well better editors for almost everything.
improved script editor for complex projects
modern script editor (auto complete!)
a good script editor (autocompletion/folding etc)
Collapsible Lingo scripts
Collapsible scripts/better script window
Auto code complete
code folding and code completion specifically for variables and handler names
script management
lingoscripting window (think Express Visual C#)

Audio Update / More Features / 3D Sound
full midi support (sound)
Realtime Sound DSP
MIDI sound support
A Lingo programmable sound/MIDI synth.
More audio channels
Better Sound Control.
At Least 64 Sound Channels
sound mixer update (>32 voices, 3D)
better sound support, more sound channels, 3d sound
Per-sound compression settings
Improved sound playback
Sound improvements (pitching)
Better audio (synth xtra a la Beatnik or Fluid Xtra, midi castmembers)
better sound
better audio control
ability to create sounds using code
Real time pitch shifting of mp3
Ability to stop and start music where it left off when pausing and restarting a movie.
Integrated Audio-Editor
better sound options
more sound channels,
better sound control features
speech input connectivity
mic input support
1) More Sound Functionality, including but not limited to: - 64+ sound channels - physical 3D sound support: 5.1 / 6.1 / 7.1 - real time DSP: pitch, speed, reverse, reverb, etc. - standard 3D sound behaviours (I still can't imagine why a tool with a 3D graphics engine doesn't contain a 3D sound engine??!) - Sound capture functionality (capture microphone sound - now you have to use Flash :() 2) Accessibility Functionality, including but not limited to: - SAPI Speech Recognition support (currently with an Xtra, but this really should be incorporated in the main program, like the Speech Xtra)
3D sound support
Physical 3D Sound Support: 5.1 / 6.1 / 7.1
OpenAL + EAX
sync with audio
Better score/sound synchronisation - Premiere has this.
improved sound engine (better syncronisation)

Documentation / Help Improvement
Better help files (just try and find information on LDMs)
Better documentation - or more consistent coding structure
better lingo / programming help/tutorials
Better documentation on building own swf components with exposure to lingo
Adobe/Macromedia Knowledge Base Support and Tutorials
better explanations of xtras and commands

Text Member / Handling / Engine Update
Better Text Controls
Ability to auto-embed all used fonts into a published file
Better text management
Text handling, needs to be as good as Acrobat
Text engine update / fix
expand text formatting control
Text Xtra enhancement/replacement, including core unicode support
better Text-support (editor and rendering)
Better text
Text formatting
less-quirky text fields
Revamped Text Support
Fix text field performance/html Xtra memory leak etc (eg: known bugs)
Better support for text
Better text object
Better Text member
text overhaul
Better text handling
text xtra bug fixes
fix all bugs related to text fields.
pdf text engine
Updated Text Engine
Fix the text engine
pdf text engine

HTML / CSS / Text Members with Images
HTML 4/CSS 2 compliant text members
Improved text with full HTML support
full HTML support (utf-8)
images in text fields
new membertype for text & images
Text and Field that can embed image
HTML/Text/Font handling upgrades!
Modernize #text members' HTML renderer!
text fields with embedded images
Inline images in text fields
Extensive HTML tag support in text members
improved HTML/CSS handling in text members
better HTML in #text members (or maybe a new #HTML member type). Images in scrolling text boxes would be nice.
Ability to render images in text areas (HTML)

Imaging Lingo Update
Optimized imaging lingo.
Performance (general and imaging lingo)
imaging lingo updates for speed, filters and effects
faster Imaging Lingo
update imaging Lingo engine with high level routines
more imaging lingo features such as those found in Flash's Bitmap Filter Effects
Faster imaging engine
Better alpha-channel compositing in imaging lingo (composite 2 32 bit members together and have their alpha add rather than overwrite)
add a new imaging feature

New Media Support (incl. FLV)
Support for new media file formats as they emerge
add all media matching on director
New File formats
extended media import (3DS,MD2,MD3,OBJ,etc)
import 3ds/dwg file
import of 3ds format and not only w3d for advanced player
native binary fileIO support
native flash video
native FLV support
native flv support and access to the image of the flv

Multi-User Server Return & Update
better multiuser integration
Revive and update Multiuser Xtras
Resurrect MUS
Multi User Server 4.0
Multiuser support for and save, upgrade the director multiuser xtras
Continuation of the MUS environment
Further SMUS support
Better/easier multiuser support (like MACRs used to be)
Update multiuser Xtra
Multiuser xtra and other connectivity support/improvement allowing projectors to communicate as well with servers as a web browser does.
MUS support again
Bring back the MultiUser Xtra!
fast mulituser for 3D games
Faster networking engine for real time gaming.
more networking options
network lib update (improve performance for real-time messaging)

Native UI Controls
Standard controls - text, buttons
UI components that work reliably
modern interface widgets
Native Controls across platforms
include the window widget like os control
OS widgets/controls
better UI components
full windows widget implementation
OS level GUI widgets
true OS widgets
Native controls / IL Controls
native widgets
standard controls and dialog creation
Native os gui (like OScontrol)
OS-compliant controls, such as horizontal scrolling text fields
platform-specific controls
IDE update (use OS native controls)
Native interface widgets
buy OScontrols :)
support dropdown menus
Default Drop Down Menu
menus ergonomy
a complete and simple grid element
customizable standard component

Flash Integration Improvement / Faster Update
Flash support! Faster please
full AS3 flash xtra
strong integration with Flash 9
flash 9 xtra
Flash 9 support
core Flash integration
full Flash API interaction
Better Flash links
improve flash performance
Core Flash Integration
better exchange of data between flash and director
Faster flash xtra
Support for controlling Flex Generated Swfs via lingo
Fix Flash component bugs and expand component types
native swf text member (with embedded font)
Flash Combo Box

Flash Dependence
Remove dependence on Flash for core functionality
Don't depend on Flash plug-in for what is effectively 'bolt on' improvements

Vector Graphic Support / Enhancement
More advanced in-built sprite and vector shape editors
flash like vector shape management
EPS import to vectorShape
enhance vector drawing ability
Vector Creator like Flash
new vector drawing tools

I love the current debugging tools, but more can be done, like how you can put in a breakpoint and then step forward a command at a time. It would be really nice to be able to step backwards and see which commands called the functions that are having trouble.
Debugging bug fixes and improvements (SW)
debugging support for projectors and dcr
Debugger working for MIAWs
Better debugging of MIAWs
Better debugging of MIAW code

Sprite / Score Update
Remove the 1000 spite limit.
Improve Score Animation
sprite naming that really works
an object oriented Score
Keyboard shortcut to move sprites up & down in the score (unless I've missed that...)

External Device support (incl. Joystick)
native support for advanced gaming peripherals like haptic exoskeleton ;-)
joystick etc. support
Better Xtra for socket communication
Better UI elements (Buddy API, Enhancer Xtra)
Braille reader connectivity

Publishing / Projector
scriptable publishing of projectors and DCR (programmatic control of settings in the publish dialog)
Ability to save/load publish settings and Display Templates
better cross-platform publishing features
Faster projectors
smaller projectors

Speed Improvements
faster run-time
better cpu efficiency
Better performance/speed
Faster 2d engine (a new xtra sprite)
Optimized playback engine
Less CPU-hogging behavior

OS Access / Integration (Buddy API functionality)
Expand Director's ability to operate with other apps better, instead of in its own sandbox. i.e., let me get a return value from calling an external application!
OS control bindings
Being able to speak directly to the com port without the use of an xtra
more OS access (screen size, general BuddyAPI functionality)
Registry access
File system and OS interaction for projectors

File Management / Teamwork Features ( incl. multiple movies open)
Multiple scores open at one time
Open multiple movies at same time
Incorporate some convenient CVS system (CVS - Open Source Version Control)
solutions for improving efficiency in team projects
Dynamic castlibs (sw safe creating, loading and destroying)
Folders for cast members
Better resource organization -- maybe folders like in Flash?

Other (Specialised)
morph animation
2D effects like physics, pixie dust, auras
support to document an director project (like Teapot-7)
SCORM support
Ability to lock cast members (so you don't accidentally duplicate them)
Proper handling of binary data streams, also supporting import to native objects, such as images, without saving as file first.
Take over the features provided by "Processing" - Java development. i.e. drawing speed.
better multimonitor support in authoring environment allowing palettes to be placed on 2nd monitor outside main program window
Regular Expression engine (or just bundle the pRegXtra)
integrated voip
create windows and mac application icons
Make the authoring environment fully scriptable

Adobe Product Integration - Photoshop / Illustrator / Premiere
Photoshop integration (layers->sprites)
Now that Director is an Adobe product, it would be interesting to see if there could be "punch through" to photoshop like you see in Encore
Illustrator/Photoshop integration
interactive with adobe other products like premiere
continued seamless integration with Macromedia Studio and Photoshop
Photoshop layer and effects integration
ability to edit a score image in photoshop on the fly from within Director (or other editors)
Better integration with photoshop/illustrator
photoshop filters/effects on dynamic content
Better integration with both ms and adobe products
support for after effects plug-ins

Adobe Support / Commitment / Marketing
Increase product awareness/takeup
visible support and enthusiasm for director from adobe
reassurance from Adobe that they will continue support / development of Director
More marketing
more regular updates
Better Director support and attention from Adobe. Director is a great software, but it isn't hyped enough and it is, as you have said, relatively too expensive
a bunch of kick ass demo games ready for simultaneous launch when the new and improved director is released to create some big buzz. Buzz is needed
try catch finally

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