Director Tutorials


Tutorial 9: Talking Celebs - Interactivity with sound

In this tutorial, we will be using celebs.dir, hey.wav, gday.wav and morning.wav. Right click on the hyperlinks to save the files.

The tutorial can be made with Director 7, 8 or 8.5. The different versions are slightly different in the way the sound behavior appears, but you should still be able to follow and apply the principles to whatever version you're working with.

1. Open celebs.dir and import hey.wav, gday.wav and morning.wav.

In the Score, contract sprites 1 to 3 to start in frame 1 and end in frame 10.

3. Open the Library Palette, click on the Library List button and select Navigation.

4. Click and drag the Hold on Current Frame icon to frame 10 of the scripting channel.

5. Click on the Library List button and select Media > Sound.

6. Click and drag the Play Sound behavior onto the Julia Roberts sprite.
The Play Sound Parameters dialog box appears.

7. In the Sound to play drop-down menu, select the hey sound, and press OK.

8. Attach the Play Sound behavior to the Paul Hogan sprite using the gday sound as the sound to play.

9. Attach the Play Sound behavior to the Dean Utian sprite calling the morning sound.

Rewind and play the movie, and click on each sprite on the Stage.
Now work out which one is the odd one out?

One thing to note when playing the completed file - look at what happens when you click outside the area of the images (the surrounding white pixels). Nothing happens. This is because the Matte Ink Effect has been applied to all the sprites. Change the Ink effect to Background Transparent and note the difference when clicking the surrounding white area.

You can see the completed tutorial 9 here - tut9_fin.dir