Director Tutorials


Tutorial 7: Celeb Control - Interactivity with the Tempo channel

In this tutorial, we will be using celebs.dir. Right click on the hyperlink to save the file.

1. Open celebs.dir and play the movie.
You will notice three pictures flash on the screen.

2. In the Score, double click frame 9 of the Tempo channel .
The Tempo dialog box opens.

3. In the Tempo dialog box, click on the Wait for Mouse Click or Key Press radio button as shown below, then click OK.

4. Repeat step 4 in frame 19 of the Tempo channel .

Rewind and play the movie.
You will notice the cursor changes at frame 9 and 19 and the movie pauses until the mouse button or a key is pressed.

Now would be a great time to save your movie as tut7.dir.