Director Tutorials


Tutorial 2: Animating sprite size
The Shrinking Ball

1. Open tut1.dir. (Right click on the hyperlink and choose 'Save Target As..')

2. In the Score, click on the end frame of the ball sprite and drag it to frame 60. Notice how all the keyframes spread out proportionally. On the stage, double-click on each keyframe (circle on the path) and move the ball so the path looks something like the diagram below.

3. Change the size of each keyframe making the ball smaller as it moves along the path. Notice while you resize the balls, the path changes and you will need to edit the path again.

Diagram showing path of shrinking ball, with the large, starting ball slightly off screen.

Rewind and play the movie.
Now would be a great time to save your movie as tut2.dir.

You can see the completed Tutorial 2 here - tut2.dir