Director Tutorials


Explosion at the FBE

Colour Cycling Tutorial

In our first set of tuts we animated coloured balls, getting Director to cycle through colours. Now we will cycle through a range of colours at one time to create movement - the effect a bomb going off behind the fbe.

  1. Open movie tut12b.dir
  2. We are now going to create the explosion in the background. Open the Vector Shape tool and draw a filled rectangle with a radial gradient fill going from yellow to red (as learned in the moody ball tut).
  3. Close the vector shape window.
  4. Place the gradient on the stage, behind the building and resize it so it fully covers the background.
  5. Expand the gradient sprite to cover frame 1 to frame 30.
  6. Select frame 1 in the palette channel and then Shift click frame 30 in the same channel.
  7. Right click anywhere in the selected range and choose Palette from the pop up menu.
  8. The frame properties dialog box appears. Select Colour Cycling.
  9. Select Span Selected Frames.
  10. Change the palette to 2:Sunset Internal and then select the orange chip in the top row and shift click to the last chip in the second row.
  11. Click OK.

  12. Rewind and play the movie and yes - save the movie.

You can see the completed tutorial here tut12b_fin.dir