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Introduction -
How to use these tutorials

The tutorials in this site cover Director basics as well as advanced use of 3D and Lingo. This page will cover some of the conventions I have used in the tutorials and will give you general info on how to work through the exercises. If you have any problems or feedback, feel free to email me (Dean Utian).

The tutorials are instruction based, following a series of numbered steps to achieve an end result. The tutorials have screenshots and completed files. While the format attempts to explain the concepts as clearly as possible, you may find it does not suit your style of learning. If you prefer 'show-me' type demonstrations, you can go to:
Adobe - Director Showme Examples: Shockwave movies (with downloadable source) demonstrating various functions of Director. They are old in terms o Dierctor version, but still useful/

If you prefer video, looks at:

There are also CDs/DVDs that you can buy with Director video tutorials. For these type of products, look at the CD/DVD Training link in my Director resources page.

The tutorials here are primarily focused on Director 10.1.1 (MX 2004) with all screenshots made on Windows XP. The tutorials can be used to learn earlier or later versions of Director, however, screenshots and menu items may vary slightly. Below are links to earlier versions of the tutorials.
Director 8.5 version tutorials
Director 7 specific tutorials

Conventions used in the tutorials

Accessing files for tutorials

Occasionally there are files that are required to use in the tutorial. These files are hyperlinked from the tutorial page. Simply right click (Windows) or Control+click (Macintosh) and choose 'Save Target As...', then save the file to your hard drive.